The Suit-Able Program – Corporate Counselling


A course to help employers and employees find the key to working happily and creatively together within an organization. To encourage staff to consider “a job” as something enjoyable, satisfying and an expression of who they really are.


A serene and happy work environment is a place where employees feel good about being there, will perform optimally and generate more income for the Company!

This program is aimed at encouraging participants to express their innate talents and abilities so they are as engaged and productive as possible while enjoying their work.

Some of the topics covered are the following:

The ABC of Awareness

How to be part of an organisation while increasing your authenticity  and enthusiasm

Managing inner and outer conflicts and utilising them to everyone’s advantage

Setting common standards and vision

How to work together to manifest the highest good for everyone involved

How to be able to function at optimal potential and being able to consider work as a way of expressing one’s authentic and unique abilities.







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