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Systemic Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach that aims to uncover and resolve hidden dynamics within families or other systems that may be causing emotional or psychological issues. 

It is based on the idea that individuals are deeply connected to their families and other systems, and that unresolved issues or traumas within these systems can affect individuals in profound ways.

In a typical session, a group of people come together to represent different members of the client’s family or system. Through a process of guided exploration and dialogue, the facilitator helps the client (Issue Holder) and the representatives to uncover hidden dynamics and patterns, and to work towards resolving any unresolved issues or traumas. 

Systemic Family Constellations can be used to address a wide range of issues, including relationship problems, anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic illness.

I will explain how it works so if you are new to it you will understand and experience it!

According to how many participants there will be and how many want to constellate their challenge, you may have the opportunity to take part in your own Constellation and most definitely to take part as a representative in someone else’s constellation.

For the participants that wish to constellate but cannot because of time restriction I offer the oppotunity to do a personal constellation in person or via Zoom at the reduced price of £40  instead of £90.

To make sure we begin on time please  arrive at least 5 minutes before the sheduled time.

Here are some testimonials from previous participants:


It is necessary to book in advance.

The participation fee is £50.


If you have questions feel free to contact me via whatsapp on 07802 308 289 or write me an email at: info@lucaoccelli.com