Everyone is unique and needs special attention.



We have designed bespoke programs to help people and address a variety of problems for a wider audience.

Witness Luca

and his life-changing talks

Need a headstart?

The best things in life are free. So is our life changing book: ‘The Focal Point’

Discover the tools for transformation

Live in the present

Proven tools and ways to be more aware and present. Get rid of past baggage and worries about the future.

Monitor your mind

Learn how to use your mind effectively. Never fall victim to being controlled by the mind.

Get rid of negativity

Get rid of negative emotions related to past events. Free yourself from limitations. Experience who you are!

Immerse yourself


If you do not know yourself, you will never get to know anyone else. Say “Hello” to who you really are!


How to create the Life you wish to experience. Seek the knowledge within to take you from where you are to where you wish to be.


Break the shackle of challenges and seek the freedom of fulfilment and jubilance. Immerse yourself in the next chapter in your life.

What people say about Luca

The workshop was awesome, as is your energy and passion!

“After I participated in the Self-Awareness course, I have learnt to face Life differently.
Soon after I felt many improvements and benefits. I could not deny them, it was obvious.
I have been happier and calmer since. I have to admit that I am extremely satisfied, especially when you consider how skeptical I was before attending.”

“The Self-Awareness Course provides a foundation for evolutionary, real and stable growth for everyone that is interested in their inner world, asking questions, and is looking for answers.
For the beginners the experience will be revolutionary and creative.”