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The best things in life are Free. So is the book “The Focal Point” , that will introduce you to the principle of Metaphysics and give you the basic tools to start changing your life right now.


5 reviews for The focal point e-book

  1. Fred (verified owner)

    Very clear and useful. It gives you practical advice on how to take control of your mind and start living better. This eBook is actually a way to start putting in place the principles of Metaphysics and begin the transformation.

  2. Helen


  3. Paul

    One of the best hand-book that effectively summarizes the perfect way of thinking, happiness and living life. Kudos to Luca Occelli for lucidly explaining it in full glory.

  4. Maria Elena (verified owner)


  5. Ismet Sinoplu Ertam (verified owner)

    Very clear direction and explanation. Maybe most of us know this fact but we are not present to understand, Luca helps us to rediscover ourself. Thanks Luca.

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