What is a metaphysical counsellor?

You are first and foremost a spiritual being with a mind and a body.

A metaphysical counsellor is someone that can help you to be who you truly are and to live Life to the fullest. He consider that the client is first and foremost a Spiritual Being.

Importance is given to the belief system of the client and the influence that this has on how she or he is perceiving the self, others and life.

One of the biggest differences between metaphysical counselling and conventional one is that the first one has a holistic, spiritual view of Life. Unless this is taken into consideration is only possible to operate at the level of the ego which is the artificial, constructed part of the self where  suffering normally originates.

I also studied psychology and use this knowledge side by side with the metaphysical one. This gives me the tools to help the psychological part of the individual as well as the Spiritual one. This two aspects when recognised and understood can coexist in perfect harmony.