Systemic & Family Constellations

Are an effective process by which a multitude of problems can be solved by discovering the origin of these and restoring order in the family system where they originated.

Individual and group sessions…

Systemic Family Constellations are born as group therapy. The person presenting his problem chooses representatives where each of them will represent a family member or an aspect of the problem.

The process itself can be facilitated individually by using symbolic objects that act as representatives.

A very effective method that I use individually when doing a constellation online is called Hypno-Constellations.

Dr. of Psychology & Metaphysical Counsellor.

Luca is a doctor of psychology, member of the MSEC (Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness), he is based in London and teaches for the School of Metaphysics. He is also a certified operator of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Reconnective Healing, Hypnotherapist and a facilitator of Systemic Family Constellations.

Dr. Luca Occelli

What is a Systemic Family Constellation?…


The founder is Bert Hellinger, a German psychologist, who has studied and worked with families for more than 50 years since 1980. He noted that many of us subconsciously take on destructive family patterns that generate anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, alcoholism, and even illness due to some systemic entanglements.

According to Hellinger, every member of the family has a special place and has the same right to belong to the family system. The same is also true for stillborn and aborted babies.

If any family member is dead, forgotten, excluded or ignored, in a later generation someone can repeat their fate by experiencing a similar misfortune. Once the difficult destinies of those who preceded have been recognised and honoured, it is possible to restore order and break the chain that has a negative effect on today’s life. 

Each person is therefore considered as part of a larger whole – a family system – rather than as a separate identity.

Individual feelings, behaviours and attitudes must therefore be understood in the context of a larger group.

According to Hellinger, suffering arises when one or more members of the system unconsciously violate ancestral family laws.

How a constellation unfolds:

During a group constellation the facilitator listens to the problem the client wants to address. Representatives of the family members are then chosen from among the participants who, listening to each other, will provide useful information for understanding the dysfunctional family dynamic.

Representatives feel sensations and emotions that belong to the people they represent and feel the impulse to move in ways that show the hidden connections between them.

The facilitator will suggest some healing sentences to be pronounced in order to restore harmony and order to the system.

A constellation can also be done individually.

Floor markers can be used to put on the floor on which the customer positions himself in order to sense what the other components of the system feel.

Alternatively objects or puppets such as playmobils that represent the people involved can be used.

A very effective method I use individually when doing a constellation online is called Hypno-Constellation.

During the process I guide the client through a meditation in order to connect and represent people, emotions and whatever can be appropriate.

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