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I took part in a constellation with Luca in January… it was the second time; the first had been years ago, not with Luca. Now we are in April and I am almost ‘dazed’ by everything that is happening from that day in January onwards. The relationship with my father seems almost surreal, the lightness with which I face everyday life is simply unsettling. But the most important thing is that things come to me without asking. It’s just great to let things happen. I knew that the constellations are a powerful tool, but this time it’s really A LOT! 😉 thank you Luca for your professionalism 🤗


Luca creates a warm, welcoming and safe space filled with patience and very positive energy.
I’ve had a 1:1 constellation and a group constellation.
Luca‘s light energy embraces the whole group and made me feel at ease immediately in a circle of strangers. His approach is very effective and gives room for experimentation that are absolutely mind-blowing.
Family constellation is incredibly fascinating! 


Did not know what or how I would benefit from a session, but I did. This is for anybody that has an unresolved family relationship. Or even two. Thank you Luca


With Luca I did the first individual constellations and I got a lot out of it. I also did a group constellation and it was an experience of incredible power, with the group a very strong and unexpected energy is created. Thank you❤️


I went to a Family Constellations day with Luca who I recently met through word of mouth…
Initially I thought… I have nothing to bring to the constellation, then something always comes out…
Sometimes without thinking you find yourself sitting next to Luca and something starts to come out… and you start to let go…
Luca is a guide who manages to put you at ease and manages to make you express with LOVE which should be our daily language for a peaceful and free life
This freedom that opens your heart and brings you a dimension where you feel good and at ease together
Once the day together is over, you’re already thinking about what you would suggest for the next constellation…
To improve your family communication
It was very nice to have met you and I consider you a suitable professional to constellate my issue.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you


Hi Luca it was a wonderful experience, I feel a beautiful and positive energetic movement inside me and now I feel lighter, thank you thank you thank you 🙏


I recently attended a Constellations meeting with Luca… I went without expectations, despite having read something about it some time ago… friends and acquaintances have been inviting me to similar meetings for some time but I have always deliberately kept them away… .then I decided when I received Luca’s poster…I didn’t even want to constellate…I wouldn’t have known where to start and then, I found myself sitting next to him and I started. An intense, unexpected, but extremely enlightening experience. ..now I reap the fruits of what has come out, and I must say that the emotions are working positively! Thanks Luca


I recommend everyone to experience the constellations held by Luca at least once.
It’s amazing what can happen thanks to his experience and ability.


I did my first constellation with Luca…. it was an intense  experience, full of beautiful emotions, overwhelming but safe and comforting  like a warm hug.
It couldn’t have been otherwise with a person of such great personal and professional depth and at the same time great humility and human warmth, empathetic like few others.
Thanks Luca ❤️


Hello dear Luca, I would like to thank you because you are a very special person, thanks to you I have found peace in certain situations I have understood many things and I have resolved them. Your positivity brings so much light into my heart thank you thank you thank you ❤️


I had a Family Constelations group session with Luca. It was an amazing experience and unique. Luca as a facilitator is very gentle and professional.  I highly recommend to everyone to attend and experience a Family Constelations session with Luca! 

If you believe or not in energetic field, this will be an unique experience that you will want to repeat it, in order to understand yourself and your ancerators and move forward from there.


I had a session with Luca for a Family Constellation. It was so amazing. I felt relief and safe in my own body with immediate effect. I don’t even know how to describe it except that I feel floating like a feather. Thank you Universe & thank you Luca.


I had a session with Luca. I can honestly say that the work has changed my brain, the way it works. Having had all types of healing session for 25 years, this session has “fixed” the original issue that I started having healing for in the beginning. Thank you! 


I participated in a Reconnective Healing session and a Family Constellation with Luca. I discovered with one, that I had an energy that I didn’t think I possessed, and with the other, having shared experiences together with people I had never seen before, connected me with them, and I was able to express the part of me that I always keep hidden. Only by trying it can you understand. Thanks Luca


As in a Matryoshka I have reached you, Luca.
I was a little fearful, but now just over a month later, I’m really happy to have had this experience. Within a few days I felt something loosen in me and my posture improved! What to say?
Thank you!


The experience I had with Luca during the Constellation, done on Zoom, opened me up to a new vision of myself, of people and Life. I felt an intense warmth in every part of me and with serenity I released tears of joy and tenderness. I rediscovered my happiness in the days to come and a sense of fulfilment and belonging, joy and much more… I thank Life for having also given me the gift of meeting Luca, his firmness, humanity, delicacy and professional skills… Thank you, thank you, thank you.


“The workshop was awesome, as is your energy and passion!”


It was a unique experience worth trying, I came into contact with my emotions and those of my family members even if in the form of other people. I understood better the dynamics that are part of their world and mine with a greater awareness of those who are no longer here but who are always close to me… I thank you Luca.


“Two intense days, rich with things to reflect on and full of opportunities to share experiences with others and ourselves… a truly fascinating philosophy of Life and of its dynamic.”


“After I participated in the Self-Awareness course, I have learnt to face Life differently.
Soon after I felt many improvements and benefits. I could not deny them, it was obvious.
I have been happier and calmer since. I have to admit that I am extremely satisfied, especially when you consider how skeptical I was before attending.”


“I was going through a very difficult emotional time, I felt crushed by the judgment of others and I was unable to take back control of my life.

Then I met Luca, I thought it was a coincidence, it was not.

His teachings opened new horizons on old scenarios and everything became so easy to solve that I feel compelled to tell everyone that Luca Occelli is an occasion not to be missed.

He is the possibility that life offers to us to be the owners of our home, the masters of our existence.”


Of great help! I recommend turning to Luca to anyone who has to make an important decision, or has something that worries them. In a short time he can give so much!


There are things you are looking for, others that come looking for you, this is how a book by Giorgio Faletti begins. So this course began: it literally came looking for me. I didn’t need the usual course but THAT course. It is as if Luca Occelli had placed in my hands many precious tools called awareness, presence, listening, self-knowledge with PRACTICAL advice and instructions for use. And having something concrete instead of the usual generic speeches made all the difference. Especially these days. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience, you will come out transformed. Thank you Luca!


The course dedicated to mindfulness has ended and I am grateful to you
Luca you helped me to see from another perspective what happens in my life and how to change the situations that arise in a positive way. Thank you!


Hi Luca, I want to thank you for this beautiful opportunity that you have given me in these two intense days full of emotions, first by recognizing what alters our life path and then with your help and a lot of willpower to break down the walls that we create that are just part of our mind. With gratitude ☺️


Thank you, Luca. In tune with the topics covered in your videos and attracted by your direct, clear, concrete being, I was sure that the course would have been a nice gift. And so it was. You have guided us with exercises and sharing, towards a greater awareness of ourselves, of what we are and why we are here.


It is always very interesting to listen to you in your profound talks about the constellations. I personally can say that I had a wonderful experience when you came to Monte Olimpino and from that day my sister after having looked for me and having said only a few words to her, that is, she said she was depressed after the death of her husband and I replied very quietly that she had been lucky to be together with him for more than fifty years and to have had a dignified and sometimes cheerful life. I told you our parents both died when they were 45, what should we have done then? you have a son Luca who is over 50 years old who needs to see you feel good and be able to live more peacefully together. If you can’t do the rest, a carer will do it but at least you are together and can still share life. Well, since that day he has slowly started to react again and he still lets Tina carry him regularly and he seems to be doing much better. I must say that your session really fixed mine and her problem and for that I will be eternally grateful to you. I love you. I hope to see you again soon at Franco’s, perhaps before next summer…


My name is Claudio, I have already done an individual constellation with Luca in the past but never a group one, well on Friday 27th October in Saluzzo I had the opportunity to participate in a group constellation with Luca, it was an exciting experience to say the least , full of touching moments, there was a strong, very positive energy, the emotion felt, I assure you, was disruptive during the various constellations of the individuals who gradually followed one another and asked to clarify or untie particular knots in their lives. I believe that Luca has exceptional sensitivity and professional preparation of the highest level, he manages to involve and direct the constellation by intervening what is indispensable, leaving the individual with maximum freedom to express all the emotions and moods he experiences in that moment. As far as my personal experience is concerned, I was brought up several times to represent a character by whoever was constellating at that moment and I assure you that I felt truly incredible sensations, moods, emotions, but also on a physical level. It was a very pleasant evening which I highly recommend everyone can experience with the guidance of a professional like Luca who I would like to warmly thank, thank you, thank you, thank you, wonderful experience.


Hi Luca, first of all thank you for the day spent together! I had never participated in Family Constellations and I didn’t know what they were about. It was an exciting, intense and special experience, and I would definitely do it again. I feel like a different person, I have understood various aspects of my family life which will definitely help me improve  relationships with all of them.
Thank you so much ❤️


Yesterday, I experienced something quite wonderful. I attended Luca Ocelli’s Family Constellation event which looks at how your current situation is borne from your family relationship – sometimes generational.

I am certain everyone who attended gained so much in the enlightenment of self and also a greater understanding of family. It was deep, traumatic and heart wrenching for some, but ever so rewarding because, through Luca’s facilitation, you are able to garner solutions (or the very least find peace in understanding) to many situations and bring joy to one’s life.

For me, I was able to exactly understand what my block is and how to overcome it. Truly amazing…

If you’ve not tried it, do… 


Today I had an open, warm, wholehearted experience. I had a Family Constellation with Luca, his energy, his aura, his feelings, no further words needed. I am leaving here today a better version of myself with 100% certainty. I didn’t believe that the effects would have almost immediate changes, but here they are. Looking forward & upward. 


…a peace..a sense of calm…a serenity..a positive energie and eagerness to do something that hasn’t happened to me for a long time…


I have known Luca for several years.
Every activity or experience lived during his meetings brings me so much energy and gives me the strength to start again in difficult moments.
After this Sunday’s constellations, at the end of the day I went home with more added value for my inner growth.



“Hi Luca, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful seminar you held last Sunday.

I can notice that is already having amazing effects on myself.

I spare you the details for lack of time.”


I would like to write many things, I would like to tell you what happens outside and inside, I would like to divulge it but it isn’t like that. Family constellations happen, family constellations are experienced and pass through you, they are not told. Of what remains, everyone has their own experience but the sharing, the presence, the drive, the joy and the awareness that everything can be different from how it seems to us, yes, that is everyone’s property and I want everyone to know it.


Sunday 4 December…my first time at a Family Constellation…an intense, full, profound day…full of energy and emotions…touching moments…vibrant moments…a group of welcoming participants, helpful, active and able to interact with extreme reciprocal correspondence …. I was particularly “touched” … I let myself go …. it was very very strong and beautiful …
…Luca….difficult to find adequate words to represent his professional but above all human ability that defines him…sensitive, attentive, capable of listening and generator of feelings…
…thanks to everyone for having listened to me and accepted me ..thanks Luca for your sensitivity and attention…I returned home as a better version of myself and full of food for thought and a loving impulse….


“The Self-Awareness Course provides a foundation for evolutionary, real and stable growth for everyone that is interested in their inner world, asking questions, and is looking for answers.
For the beginners the experience will be revolutionary and creative.”


I think back to when I was little and I played with my cousins being mum, dad and baby… we were them and the truth came out.
How much we have to learn from children!
Similarly, in the circle of constellations a very powerful energy field is generated in which the representatives, only by feeling their own body, perceive the emotions and energies of the represented… we are them and the truth comes out… we are only guided and helped from two things…from Luca who with professionalism, sweetness and attention channels and makes the flow of energies functional and from the sense of Love that pervades the circle…as strangers we suddenly all feel connected.
Thanks to the Constellations
Thanks to you Luca❤️


“I have attended the Self-Awareness course and I am happy to have done it because I have learned things that were totally unknown to me.
I found them fascinating and they mostly helped me to face Life in a more emotional and less rational level. The results are noticeable by people at work and at home.
It is surely an experience that deserves to be lived, also because of the involvement that Luca manages to convey with all that he says and does”


Had a session with Luca today.
Priceless. Third time. Each time a new success on the road of reclaiming my well being. Grazie Luca.

Thank you ! I recommend everyone to have this experience.
A wonderful course that:
🎈 helped me understand myself better
🎈 made me feel welcomed and serene
🎈 showed me with lots of exercises how the mind works
🎈 made me listen to myself in depth
🎈 made me meet sincere and profound people
🎈 made me experience moments of joy and connection
Thank you!


Dearest Luca, I thank you and the whole group: your enthusiasm and your authenticity have created a magnificent space for growth and sharing. Right from the start you told us that you would give great importance to practice and so you did. This has allowed us to grow and improve our daily lives from the very first meeting.
Thank you.


Six evenings that flew by like the blink of an eye. We worked intensely and did practical exercises that allowed us to get involved to the extent we felt like doing it.
Finally, a few words and many facts. ♥️🙌
If you propose another seminar consider me already registered. Heartfelt thanks also to those who shared this journey with me, making everything more real. A real journey towards greater awareness.


Heartfelt thanks, Luca, for these two-day seminar that you held in Cuneo on 23 and 24 September. Thanks to you, I brought out the capricious child in me, who kept making me repeat the same mental conditioning, distancing me from the people closest to me. It’s incredible but that’s how, when you see yourself again and restart from yourself, a world opens up and relationships magically flourish again. A beautiful experience that I recommend to everyone thanks thanks thanks


I’m really happy to have taken this journey with you. The simplicity and naturalness with which you convey important and uncommon concepts have allowed me to feel at home and to open myself up with confidence to inner experiences of discovery and personal growth.


Hi Luca, spending Women’s Day in a group constellation with you was very nice and alternative. I found a peaceful and welcoming environment. Your simplicity and kindness put me strangely at ease. The possibility of seeing what I am feeling represented by others helped me to become aware of it and while waiting for the energy to take its course, I wish you all the best.


“I attended a small group family constellation workshop with Luca in London. I really enjoyed this very intimate session, everything was perfectly unfolding for all of us. Family constellation is a little bit like magic. You will never understand until you attend one. I strongly recommend it to any individual who is ready to begin a deep ancestral/family healing journey, or when you feel there is something stuck in life. It’s gonna change your life.
What came out of my constellation was just the most beautiful affirmation I needed from the universe. Forever grateful!”

My reason for coming to one of Luca’s Family Constellation workshop was that I loved the story on his website about the stranger who approached him on the street with a message from his mother.

At the workshop I broke down in tears for only the second time in my life, reliving my troubled childhood relationship with my own mother.  Somebody commented that I was  ‘just’  feeling sorry for myself.  That was exactly right;  a process worth its weight in gold.  Afterwards, I felt perfectly normal and forgot the emotions of the process.  At the same time there’s a faint trace of awareness of  self-relaxation.

So it worked like magic for me.  Oh, and Luca is a lovely guy, by the way.


On Friday 27th I had a family constellation with other participants, where their problems led to solving mine too, I thank ❤️ Luca who with great sensitivity and professionalism united all of us in a wonderful evening full of emotions and very moving moments! Thank you thank you thank you ✨✨❤️✨✨


Un professionista degno di questo nome con lui si approda ad una figura professionale evoluta capace di integrare informazioni che pochissimi padroneggiano. La sua integrità e la sua energia mi hanno molto aiutato nell’esplorazione di dinamiche importanti nel mio personale percorso di vita, che mai è stato solo terapeutico ma è stato molto più  naturalmente cosciente.


I had a session with Luca and I initially did not have any expectations but the session rally helped with existing worries and concerns I had and I left feeling a sense of relief I rarely ever feel. The help was really beneficial and I would definitely reccomend again.


I am an extremely outgoing person with open arms to everything life has to offer me… Ten days after my first family constellation experience with Luca, I can truly say that I am perfectly aware of myself, of my emotions, of having taken my hand from my first childhood steps up to today, and having reached a great sense of peace, joy, satisfaction …. There is no “thank you Luca” proportionate to what I feel .. . but…. I will do it every single day honoring my Life… Have a good life Deep soul 💙


I believe there is only one word to define Luca. POSITIVITY. With his way of doing and expressing his own experience he gives you a significant charge of positivity. I did 2 constellations and some evenings, but beyond that we had the opportunity to talk and spend some time even beyond the various sessions and I can guarantee that he is truly an exceptional person.


Good morning Luca, yesterday afternoon was nice for me too! The experience was exciting and left me with a lot of material that I can work on. I came away with a light heart but at the same time deeply touched. I hope to be able to repeat this meeting and maybe even see the people who were there yesterday because I immediately felt at ease with them.


I participated for the first time to a workshop of family constellations with Luca. It was an intense and immersive experience from start to finish. I’ve hugged people I didn’t know before. I cried with them and got emotional because of them. We laughed, talked, discussed and traveled through time together. I feel like thanking Luca for giving me this opportunity. “To constellate” has given me teachings that I will keep with me forever.


After the first time I worked with you, it was as if something clicked and in a short time I gained strength in a field that I have been studying for years but in which I did not dare to expose myself … the systemic field. After the session and many of your videos I listened to I felt ready to take the step and I started to work deeply in the family field.

So I thank you for this and I will always be grateful to you …

Your imprint made sure that the whole process started but above all that I believed in myself and in my abilities!

You gave me a great gift without knowing it!


“The Self-Awareness course interested, intrigued me and helped me because I was looking for further confirmations on all those subjects that I believe are fundamental and that are the ‘Real’ part of life although we rarely talk to others about it. I got more than the confirmations I was looking for because Luca was able to concentrate e put in order all the knowledge that he acquired in fifteen years of spiritual work with the continuous developing of CONSCIOUSNESS. The course guides you with an extraordinary natural simplicity on a magical journey towards the discovery of how wonderful Life can be and how you can be the source of your own happiness! … awareness is what makes the difference!”


“Hi Luca,

I really enjoyed the talk you gave yesterday, it has really helped already! I spent today driving 50 miles and back on the motorway in heavy rain, to take my Dad, who has Alzheimer’s, to hospital.

Believe it or not, we both had a really great day! 🙂 I kept my thoughts positive for him and played my favourite music in the car, and we had a good laugh together.

In actual fact I have been on a high all day, so it was pretty easy!”



A great person, an amazing experience to help you to be connetted to yourself.
Thanks Luca for your support ❤️


“I attended a seminar held by Luca and I was enthusiastic about how, with absolute simplicity, such important and profound topics were explained, and how they can really give our lives a positive turn. It was fundamental for me, to come to understand that we can get what we want, simply, really wanting it, firmly. To achieve this, awareness is needed. That’s why the course was so important to me!”


Being able to share our most intimate self with Luca is an opportunity not to be missed. It helps to return to one’s true essence, to be connected and present to strip of what prevents us from following our own path. Luca teaches us that we are uniquely special and perfect like this… without judgments without preconceptions without fear… thanks Luca


I had the pleasure and honor of participating in a 6-meeting course on how to increase awareness. It was a revelation! Practical, far from the usual speeches that never get to the heart of the matter. He gave me indispensable tools, useful for “building” the best version of myself! I recommend it from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Luca!


I just finished the cycle of 6 meetings dedicated to mindfulness and I’m so glad I did. I already know that I will miss these weekly meetings, not only because they have helped me to increase awareness of who I am, what life I want and how to achieve it, but also because they have been hours of joy, strong emotions and great sharing. A course that I would define as satisfactory from all points of view. Thanks Luca! You are a Special Soul! 🙏❤️


I have attended many courses in my career, clearly all important and significant, but I must say that this seminar with Luca has managed to bring out within me that serenity, security and rootedness that I so much wanted. Thanks to the simplicity, humility, sympathy and professionalism of Luca Occelli who led and brought his message into our hearts, all with harmony and love. So what to say: Thank you thank you thank you. Thanks also to the beautiful classmates who each in their own way brought one more seed my way.


Thank you very much Luca Occelli, you have been an extraordinary guide without whom I would not have been able to explore so much energy matters all together and at the same time draw liberally on what I have internalised over many years of research. Thank you for giving Life, space and care to the brilliant teachings of Hellinger.


I’ve followed several live on fb, and I was very impressed by his being.
I find that he is very knowledgeable, professional, but also humble and loving, I like his being blunt and honest, especially with himself, I really like his consistency and his faith.. after seeing all this.. I did two constellations with him… And I had proof of his knowledge and I was able to appreciate even more the person he is…
I recommend with all my heart to those who want to work on themselves to contact him…
Glad to have met him.


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