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If you attended one of my events or had a session with me, I’d be pleased to hear your feedback.

“The workshop was awesome, as is your energy and passion!”


“Two intense days, rich with things to reflect on and full of opportunities to share experiences with others and ourselves… a truly fascinating philosophy of Life and of its dynamic.”


“After I participated in the Self-Awareness course, I have learnt to face Life differently.
Soon after I felt many improvements and benefits. I could not deny them, it was obvious.
I have been happier and calmer since. I have to admit that I am extremely satisfied, especially when you consider how skeptical I was before attending.”


“I was going through a very difficult emotional time, I felt crushed by the judgment of others and I was unable to take back control of my life.

Then I met Luca, I thought it was a coincidence, it was not.

His teachings opened new horizons on old scenarios and everything became so easy to solve that I feel compelled to tell everyone that Luca Occelli is an occasion not to be missed.

He is the possibility that life offers to us to be the owners of our home, the masters of our existence.”


“Hi Luca, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful seminar you held last Sunday.

I can notice that is already having amazing effects on myself.

I spare you the details for lack of time.”


“The Self-Awareness Course provides a foundation for evolutionary, real and stable growth for everyone that is interested in their inner world, asking questions, and is looking for answers.
For the beginners the experience will be revolutionary and creative.”


“I have attended the Self-Awareness course and I am happy to have done it because I have learned things that were totally unknown to me.
I found them fascinating and they mostly helped me to face Life in a more emotional and less rational level. The results are noticeable by people at work and at home.
It is surely an experience that deserves to be lived, also because of the involvement that Luca manages to convey with all that he says and does”


Had a session with Luca today.
Priceless. Third time. Each time a new success on the road of reclaiming my well being. Grazie Luca.

“The Self-Awareness course interested, intrigued me and helped me because I was looking for further confirmations on all those subjects that I believe are fundamental and that are the ‘Real’ part of life although we rarely talk to others about it. I got more than the confirmations I was looking for because Luca was able to concentrate e put in order all the knowledge that he acquired in fifteen years of spiritual work with the continuous developing of CONSCIOUSNESS. The course guides you with an extraordinary natural simplicity on a magical journey towards the discovery of how wonderful Life can be and how you can be the source of your own happiness! … awareness is what makes the difference!”


“Hi Luca,

I really enjoyed the talk you gave yesterday, it has really helped already! I spent today driving 50 miles and back on the motorway in heavy rain, to take my Dad, who has Alzheimer’s, to hospital.

Believe it or not, we both had a really great day! 🙂 I kept my thoughts positive for him and played my favourite music in the car, and we had a good laugh together.

In actual fact I have been on a high all day, so it was pretty easy!”



A great person, an amazing experience to help you to be connetted to yourself.
Thanks Luca for your support ❤️


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