Self Awareness Program – Personal Counselling


This is an in-depth course about Self Awareness designed for who is seeking a deeper understanding of himself and the way life works. It can transform your life!


There are certain physical laws like gravity that operate without us having to believe in it.

In the same way there are metaphysical/spiritual laws that operate even if we are not aware of them.

To understand them enables us to transform limited ideas, beliefs and experiences into more expansive, abundant and fulfilled lives. This awareness can change and enhance your life in wonderful ways.

This program will give you the awareness and the practical tools to do that. You will become the writer of your life script.

Session 1

Our True Nature – Race Consciousness – The Appearance Word -The Human Mind – Laws of Attraction and Reflection.

Session 2

The Law of Cause and Effect – Karma – The Conscious and Subconscious Mind – Discovering our Hidden Beliefs

Session 3

Beliefs that Hold us Back – Spiritual Affirmations – Creating New Beliefs That Move Us Forward

Session 4

The Spiritual Purpose Behind Relationships – The Soul Lessons We Need to Learn – Healing The Past

Session 5 

Spiritual Thruths to Increase Awareness – Principles to Learn From and Live by – Gratitude and Appreciation

Session 6

Finding Answers and Direction Through Inner Guidance – Awareness Meditation – Affirmative Prayer for Life’s Purpose



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