Metaphysical Coaching uses all the resources that we have at our disposal to achieve whatever we desire.
It takes into consideration not only the Psychological and Mental component but also the Spiritual one.
It recognises that we are Spiritual beings, multidimensional.
This is fundamental to being aware of how we create our own reality and how is possible to change whatever we wish with the least efforts.
The main required skill is Awareness.
Once a certain degree of Awareness is achieved everything else seem to happen almost effortlessly. We still have to work for what we desire and act to achieve our goals but we are supported by a Powerful, inexhaustible source of wisdom and energy that normal coaching is not able to recognize and provide.
It is time we recognize the totality of who we really are.
The Spiritual, Metaphysical part of ourselves is what is eternal, all knowing and all powerful. It is what the great mystics have always referred to as our higher self.
We could keep on denying its existence but this does not change how things are.
If we do not recognize it we will not benefit from it as much as if we do.
We are the creators of our reality.
This invisible, intangible and powerful part of ourselves is only waiting for us to utilise it, so that we can live the Life we dream of.

You will learn the relationship between focused attention, thoughts and emotions and  how to use them to manifest whatever you wish to experience.