If we were conscious of what is noted above we would understand how the Universe works. It functions like our inner Universe – only bigger but with the same qualities.

Let`s imagine we are a drop in the ocean. We have the same properties as the entire ocean, we are part of it and at the same time individual particles = a mini ocean.

The cells of our body, for example, they also have all the characteristics and properties of the entire body.

The thing that I personally find wonderful is that once this concept is grasped, it is enough to change our inner-consciousness so that our experience of life and our personal external world changes.

Perception is the key!

This is the reason why two people confronted with the same situation can react in two different ways. Maybe one is calm, at peace, while the other is desperate or feels anxious and sad.

The difference: the way they perceive what they are experiencing, their interpretation of it, which springs mainly form who they believe themselves to be and how they believe Life works.

In other words: their Consciousness.

There are infinite ways of doing things, I am personally interested in the most efficient ones.

Through experience, I have noticed that once we re-arrange the things inside ourselves (by understanding some of our fundamental limiting inner beliefs), outside events do not upset us anymore.

Before I changed the way I viewed myself, relationships and Life itself, I was in conflict Рoften sad and anxious.  When I opened up to certain truer concepts which are simple, yet powerful, my life transformed for the better.

We react to Life in negative ways only because of the conditioning we have picked up.

It is possible to get rid of the false beliefs and to live joyfully.

We are mainly made of pure energy, pure consciousness.

Others are a representation of ourselves and also all that resides (or seems to reside) outside ourselves = we are all one!

Life is eternal, death does not exist.

Who knows, maybe if we were always conscious of this (I am not saying that this is the way it is, I am simply inviting you to consider the eventuality that it could be like this), automatically most of our fears, anxieties and frustrations would disappear?

During the Self-Awareness course we look at basic Universal Laws that govern the way life works and I invite participants to apply them.

In doing so, one can acquire more awareness and live more harmoniously with ourselves and the rest of the Universe.

EveryOne of us know knows everything, there is nothing to learn, we only have to remember