To re-align means to put something into proper order, to restore it to its original state.

Even though your life may seem to be imperfect now, it is because  something is out of alignment.

When your thought, emotions and/or actions are not aligned with who you really you experience pain and suffering.

it is quite common to get caught up in a viscious circle where negative emotions are fuelled by thoughts of the same quality and vice versa.

When negative thoughts and emotions are experienced is important to realise how they reinforce each other and what meaning you attribute to them.

There is a part of you that knows what is best for you and how to live joyfully regardless of what is happening and the unfair situations you may find yourself in at present.

If you choose to work with me I will help you to re-align with your true self, showing you how to recognise when you are not being authentic and help you to become true to yourself.

You will learn how to free yourself from limiting judgments your mind habitually generates and your whole life will transform!

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