I am wondering what are we waiting for in order to recognize that certain things are just as real, maybe even more real than those we experience through our senses.
We have a Universe inside of ourselves – literally.
Our inner universe is made of thoughts, emotions, images, memories, and all that we are and feel insideĀ ourselves.
The Life that we consider to be real, the external one is simply the representation of our intimate, inner universe.
It reflects it.
If we paid even just a little attention to what happens in this universe, all that manifests around us would magically change.
The fundamental universal laws are very simple to understand and also simple to utilise in our favour.

The day that we pay more attention to what we think, say and feel and the images that we create in our minds, we will be able to see that it is us who decide all these things.
Having understood this we can change our thoughts, words, deeds, feelings and the images we create in our minds as we wish.
In doing so our external reality will change.
What are we waiting for?