Here's how I'll help you to achieve the happiness that belongs to you

and realize your life projects!

My name is Luca. I am a Metaphysical Counsellor.   It is an unusual term isn’t it?

Keep calm: the important fact is that I have the knowledge and the tools to help you transform your life for the better.

I can show you how to move in a dimension that goes beyond what your physical senses perceive.

You will begin by learning to live in the present.  We are immersed in a world of time that teaches us there is only the past or the future.

We will always look for personal satisfaction in something that does not exist – something that has either finished or not yet arrived (and it may never arrive).

I will teach you how to watch your mind from a different perspective and not to fall victim to its tricks.  We often fall prey to negative emotions and early conditioning which slows and limits the progression of our life.

I am not promising an instant transformation without effort.

Almost everything and anything can be achieved in life with dedication and willingness.  I can offer you the tools to ignite the fire of transformation inside of you that will lead to a more expansive and fulfilling life!

I am not a guru or a psychic.  My work involves forces and phenomenon that go beyond physical perception.  However, you will be the one to direct the new script of your life.  You will be the source of the transformation that you desire to fulfill your dreams.

I will be at your side during this journey.  I will assist you and provide you with the best strategies to enable you to be the master of your own life.

What distinguishes me from other experts in my field is the fact that alongside metaphysical knowledge, I have also studied psychology.  This approach allows me to fully comprehend how the human mind functions and offer a broad range of tips and tools for an amazing life.

I give you my e-book


If you have not done it yet, register to obtain a free digital copy of  my  book: “The Focal Point”.

I give it to you for free so that you can start your inner transformation right now with practical and easy steps. It is a very easy read.

I also offer you the first introductory session for free! The session can take place in person or via Skype or Zoom.

We will look at what is troubling you and what you would like to achieve. I wll give you my  support and advise.

You will then decide if you wish to proceed the self-discovering journey or not.

In any case the book will remain yours, like the experience and the wisdom gained during the session.

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