Metaphysical Counselling recognizes not only the psychological and emotional aspect of our being but also the spiritual one.

It is a holistic approach. It takes into consideration all that we are made of: Mind, Body and Spirit.

I will assist you in your inner transformation and the results will therefore be long-lasting.

One of the main reason why we feel lonely, disconnected, frustrated and also physically ill is because we are not aligned with the Spiritual part of ourselves.

This could be because we have not acknowledge its existence yet or because our belief system is not allowing us to do it properly.

Normally our conditioned negative beliefs are responsible for our suffering.

I will help you realize what the underlying issue is and give you the tools to change the situation, by changing the way you perceive it.

Have you ever wondered why two people in the same situation may react in two different ways?

May be one is feeling calm, serene and even happy and the other one may be feeling anxious, stressed or sad.

It is not the situation or others the cause of the problem, it’s the reaction to the meaning assigned to what happens.

Most of the time you may not be aware of this process. You may not be aware of the meaning you attribute to people and situations.

I will help you to discover what those meanings are and ultimate who you truly are!

It is possible to live joyfully regardless of what is happening in your life.

I will assist you in being able to do that.